Call it your worldview or framework, but what they really are, are your Internal Variables.

The criteria that define what you, when you do it.

They are your MAX_ACTION where you top out listening to someone complain about the same issue for the umpteenth time before moving on.

They are your CURRENT_ATTEMPT where you are willing to keep doing something the old way before you realize there has to be a better way.

They are your BOOL to realize that some answers are simply YES or No.

And sometimes they are your open-ended variable that can hold anything and everything, irrespective of the situation.

Whatever they are, they are different for you as they are for me.

They shape our direction and path in what we do, where we go and what we prioritize as important and frivolous.

Best of all we can expand and contract them and switch them around as we continue to grow.

But the goal, the simplest goal, is to acknowledge that they are there, within us all and accept not our own, but that someone else’s could be completely different and find a way to make them work together whether in work or in life.

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