If you are responsible for another person or person(s) on a particular task – you are a Leader (congratulations).

There does not need to be a distinction between coordinator, manager, leader, chief of this or president of that.

You are a Leader.

So take a second, think about what direction you want this group of people to go in and take them there.

Not sure what the first step is to make that happen?

It’s you, moving forward and showing everyone where to go.

Project timelines out of whack?

Have a meeting to discuss what the team needs to do to fix them and assign the first Action Item to yourself.

Too many bugs in the final Beta?

Triage what’s left and assign yourself some of the high runners.

Are people not getting their work done?

Get yours done and ask where people need help on theirs.

It starts and ends with you, point your team in the direction you want to go and they will follow.

(Hint: they are waiting as you read this).

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