Have you ever ridden on the old Turnip truck going up the hill?

The truck can’t make it up the hill, so they start throwing turnips off the truck in the hope that they will make it up the hill with a lighter load.

All that effort to pick the turnips, wash them, sort them and put them in the box has now been thrown from the truck.

Sound familiar?

The last leg of the release, you’re coming up short on time and you start tossing bugs and half-finished features into the bucket for what’s coming in the next release so this one can go out the door?

Except all that work you’ve put in now has to be hidden, disabled and turned off – adding more work to be done to the project.

The problem with this approach is that it invariably adds more bugs into the final release that goes out the door from all these last minute hacks.

What you really needed to do was upgrade the engine, get more helping pushing the truck up the hill or if all else fails, change the hill.

Yes, change the hill, whatever that hill may be – adding more time, adding more testing, delaying subscriptions – whatever is your hill, change it.

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