The Delta Manager is the manager who realizes they don’t know it all, they are in over their head, they are swamped with projects and timelines and deliverables and don’t know what path forward they can take.

They are on the verge of paralysis with anyone and everyone lining up at their desk to ask them questions and lay their demands at their feet.

They are overwhelmed and exhausted.

So here’s where they apply the Delta.

They take one thing, one small thing, and they get it done.

Then they focus on the next thing.

Then the next.

They manage the Delta, the one thing that takes them from completely overwhelmed to one less thing.

It sounds simple and silly when faced with an insurmountable load of work on your plate, of products and projects to be delivered – that’s where the Manager gets swallowed up the whole.

But the Delta Manager manages by small wins, chipping at the pile, becoming stronger from it until one day they realize they are taking on bigger the bigger Deltas, the projects and products they weren’t able to do when they first started.

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