It doesn’t have to be code.

It can be how you order your food – moving from swiping to tapping your card to using your phone.

It can be how you catch those pesky rodents in your garage – moving away from the store bought traps to building your own.

It can be a new utility that saves you time in deploying your code – simplifying your workload.

It can be how you interact with people – starting with questions you know they can’t answer negatively, but only smile at and say thanks.

It can be a practice where you want to get better at a skill – so before doing anything else, you do that skill until you’re asked to join in on the other drill.

It can be how you start your team meeting – instead of asking everyone what they have done, bring a dashboard that shows them what they have done and saved 15 minutes.

Hacks – a process by which we find a better way to do something, until it becomes a standard, waiting to be hacked again.

It’s not all code and today is the perfect day to start.

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