It’s still there, you simply turned off the tap.

You let the workload get you down.

You let everyone’s else’s demands supercede your own.

You tried to make it happen, it didn’t and you became frustrated so you stopped.

If you want to get the creativity back, stop thinking of it as some magical genie in a bottle and start seeing it as the labour of work and love that you need to put in to make it a success.

Schedule it every day.

Stick with the schedule.

Don’t stop doing it.

Don’t get frustrated.

And watch it seep back into your life because now it’s about your creativity that you are investing in and not someone else’s.

The problem and confusion that we always feel with the loss of Creativity aren’t that it is “gone” but that we have transferred it from where we wish it was to where it is going (someone else’s goals).

Don’t let it go somewhere else.

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