And here you thought the hardest job you had when you started to lead a team was going to be the actual “Leading of the team”.

Not always the case.

Leading Up is the process by which you need to start managing your manager or their manager or someone else that you need to report to.

Maybe they are causing dysfunction on your team with a myriad of requests.

Maybe they don’t know how everyone works but expect it to be a different way.

Maybe they have issues with your own leadership style because it differs from theirs.

Whichever the case or the reason, there will come a time when you need to start Leading Up.

Leading up is the process by which you help your Manager/Leader because a better Manager/Leader by anticipating what they want, when you think they need it while anticipating any further requests.  Perhaps its even a quick 10 minute chat to get agreement on what will make them happy by the end of the week…

“So if we can get all of this done, you are fine if we then focus on these other tasks?”

Its not a bad thing to Lead Up, we all have different styles that don’t jive and it’s one way to figure out the best way to work together.

The alternative is to blame it on your Manager/Leader entirely as being their problem entirely where you have no say in the matter.  This is an option that is available to you, but one that will never improve the relationship, allowing you to move forward.

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