As a Freelancer that is always trying to define their niche, this is no easy task.  On a recent podcast by Seth Godin, he mentioned that if you can find 1,000 people to define your niche you are in great shape.

One thousand people…

One thousand people…

I’m stuck on trying to get past ten right now (okay maybe more than that but you get the idea).

Defining a niche is easy (this is who we serve), finding them, getting your message to them, having them acknowledge that your message aligns to their problem is a whole other problem that is not readily solved by hanging your sign to say “we’re open”.

Over the last year, I’ve tried a variety of channels and paths to try and reach my niche, some have worked, some haven’t, some need refinement, others were tossed the pile.  What keeps me going is that when I find one more person who identifies with what I’m selling, well then I know I’m one more person to that One thousand than I was the day before.

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