Being serious is pretty easy.

I’ve worked on numerous projects with numerous clients who all thought their project was the most important.

I’ve been in meetings where clients argued about whose project more important (neither was).

I’ve had clients tell me that they were my most important client (they weren’t).

In these moments of overt seriousness, I find it to be the best time to insert a joke about anything or everything.

(Probably not about whose project is the most important or what client is the best).

But something out of left field that they won’t see coming.

I do this for one reason – to lighten the scene, cool the tensions and get us back on track to what is really important and we all really need to care about (but sometimes forget) – the end deliverable and the value it will provide.

Status Reports and grids are a horrible tool for achieving this goal but levity?  Humour?

They can accomplish it in 15 minutes without hurting anyone’s feelings.

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