The Leader of the Stand-Up knows what everyone is doing before the call begins.

Very simple, often ignored.

Stand-Ups are not about what is in the queue or what is showing red on the Kanban board, it’s about what is coming next and what the team needs to be moving towards.

A Stand-Up where everyone repeats what is currently in their task queue is a waste of a stand-up and an interruption to everyone’s deliverables.

The Leader of a Stand-Up must come in already knowing what people are working on and where they are going to next.  From there, creating value from a stand-up is easy…

  • Jeff, I see you’ve done all your work, Donnie needs help with these tasks to hit our goals.
  • Mary can you focus on bugs for the rest of the print.
  • Jane, we have this work coming in the next sprint, can you begin designing that.
  • Jack, we haven’t done much performance testing can you queue that up before handing off your code.

Now that’s a successful stand-up that adds value to anyone’s day.

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