It’s going to happen.

One day, as you look through all the successes of your team, as you sit atop your plateau, you will start to wonder why you haven’t grown any further.

Everyone else will be happy with your success, but something will be nagging at you, something will be tugging at you asking that question that you know is always there.

Who is holding us back?

Who is the weakest member of our team?

It’s not an easy question to answer and conversely, no one wants to be asking it.

When people are asked this question, the initial follow-up is generally – “Do we keep them or let them go?”

Which is the wrong question every day of the week.

The question you want to be asking yourself is – “How do I get them from being the weakest to being the strongest?”

That’s a harder question to ask, that question takes much more time and requires much more time from you, their Leader, to figure it out.  It might require a slew of One-On-One discussions, reviews, checkpoints, etc, etc.

But the outcome will be that much better than asking a lazy yes or no question that only alleviates some short-term pain.

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