It’s not Facebook’s fault for whatever happened to your data.

They have security tools in place (albeit convoluted) that you could use to configure your privacy.  Even now, a few months later, they are somewhat improved, but still cumbersome.

(hint: they are not a security company)

Facebook didn’t decide to post as much as you did or like every page that highlighted a different cat dancing or where you liked to go on vacation or how much fun your friends were having at that place, in college after finals.

Instead of focussing on what Facebook needs to do to protect us from making the same mistakes again, why don’t we start focussing on what we should be doing better to control ourselves?

In another vein, Fakenews isn’t going anywhere, it’s here to stay, that’s the new world order.

Want to change it?

Start questioning what you are reading and if you are starting to question it (good), go validate the sources and confirm if it is correct BEFORE you start sharing it around.

I believe the word for this is journalism, congratulations on your new role

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