Apparently stock price, recognition and some perceived value when it comes to following the latest trends.

But those are fads and will quickly pass when everyone sees you for who you are.

For the most part, you’ve had the same name all your life and in the significant majority of these cases, you didn’t choose it.

It was given to you.

What you did with it was up to you (sorry horoscopes and name generators you really didn’t help).

If you want to call your company – “Makio”, “IWorkOALotto” or “Happis” – go for it, find the domain, make sure no one else is using it and hang up your shingle.

What happens next and what you do with that name is entirely your own.

There is only one rule – make it your own – don’t tie it to what is hip, in fashion or part of a passing fad.

Make it your own.

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