There are two ways to convey bad news to someone (whether it be their personally tied to them, i.e., their performance or their team at large).

Option #1

You screwed up, you failed, this isn’t working out, it’s time for you to move on.

Your best (is that what you called it) wasn’t good enough.

Option #2

Here’s what you’re doing well, here’s where we’re going to help you with and here’s what we need from you to help us get there.

The Difference?

Option #1 assigns the problem and throws it at someone’s feet (doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong).

Option #2 recognizes the problem, acknowledges the person and puts the onus on both the leader and the individual to get better and turn it around.

Or simply put – one reinforces the negative, while the other seeks to learn from it and become better.

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