This really happened.

I had to go get a new car recently, so we went to a dealership.

Before entering the premises, we were already dreading the entire process (how sad, we haven’t even done anything and are already dreading it).

We get there, go for a test drive (supervised of course, because we might be crazy and try to steal it).

We asked for a quote, which unfortunately the salesperson couldn’t give us because it’s too complicated to do without a computer.  So we sat down and generated the quote (which apparently requires our phone number for the program to work).

From here the salesperson had to get it printed for us.

And that’s when we watched them go to their Manager to use the printer to print it off.  We watched for 10 minutes as they talked and did nothing before printing it off.

We were good at that point, we only came in to get a quote anyway, so no big deal.  But then they asked us to sit down again and wait another 10 minutes for “something”.

I don’t know what the “something” was because we got up and left.

The whole time I was thinking, if every other company sold their product and/or services the way some dealerships sell cars, we would never buy anything.

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