I’m in the middle of a program/seminar/project/course (you can call it all of these things).  It has required me to work with a community of people I don’t know to push my learning, goals, thoughts (and yes dreams) further than I have ever thought possible.

With each project/prompt, I have somewhere between 10 – 15 colleagues who know WAAAAY more than me helping me to get better, poking holes in my work, pushing me to achieve and not letting me get off easy when I don’t show up to do the work.

This morning I woke up to at 16+ notifications in my inbox to review this morning.  It felt daunting because that number seems so large, but each one was better than the last.

All this to say, how would things change if your every day was like that if this was your work environment.  If each day you were not coming into 16 emails that are blah, but 16 notifications on how your company could improve, how everyone could be a part of it and how you could continue to up your game?

Side note: (the best note) Not everyone is in my field of study, maybe that’s the key – we all come from different backgrounds, worldviews and places – kind of like an office no?

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