If you had your favourite meal each day, every day, how long would it take until it stopped being your favourite?

Two days?

A week?

A month?


Maybe you started off in a job you really liked.  It was the perfect job, the bestest job in the world.

But you’ve been doing it for 5 years and the last year you know you’ve been going through the motions so the “favourite” part is kind of dead to you.

So what’s next, where do you go from here?  Is it no longer your favourite?  Is it time to do the 360 degree pivot and moan about how you’ve been wasting your time?

Sometimes all your favourite meal is a change in recipe and BOOM – it’s your favourite again.

Same goes for your career, the 360 degree pivot should not be your first choice in rediscovering your favourite job when there are so many other options you should be exploring first.

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