I’ve had this conversation with many a person before, but it bears repeating one more time.

Someone popularized the concept of a morning SCRUM to get everyone off to the races, ready to go on the day’s work and had some good success with it.

And it does work.

When everyone is in the office at the same time.

When everyone is starting at the same time.

When everyone has not yet started the day.

When you have a team that is comprised of late owls, early risers (that’s me), remote workers in different time zones with some people in the office or unavailable you need to come up with a different solution.

It can’t simply be – “We’ll schedule it for when the last person gets into the office” OR “If you are remote, you keep working while the rest of us meet.”

Both bad options that reduce the value of your SCRUM.

I don’t have the answer, but I know what you need to look at…

  • What are we trying to get from this morning SCRUM?
  • Who needs to be there?
  • What can work in place of it?
  • Why are we have it?
  • Do we need it every day?
  • How can we generate similar, ney better value from trying something different?

Answer those questions and the morning SCRUM might not be the answer to your problems.

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