Not the last “I told you so” laugh.

Not the last “This is so dumb it’s silly” laugh.

Not the last “I got my revenge on you” laugh.

No, I’m talking about the last laugh that happens when you and a bunch of your co-workers are sitting around trying to figure out why X is broken you realize it is a semi-colon in your code.

I’m talking about the laugh that happens when someone tries something new and it blows up in their face.

I’m talking about the jokes you make in your weekly meeting with the team to discuss what the priority is when all you have are priority ones and the team is clearly stressed out about it.

I’m talking about the humour you can use in a sales presentation to get your point across and make it fun for you and your customer.

That’s the last laugh we need more of.

(side note: if you’re looking for more information on sales and humour, check out Jon Selig and what he’s doing with “Comedy for Salespeople”, it’s a great approach to working with customers through sales)


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