Never works.

How many times have you done this, dipped your toe in frigid waters (because they are always frigid) and then walked away?

“Nope, not today”

How many times have you done this with a project or new product launch?

“We’ll put it out there, but we are only going to put in 15% of our combined efforts to make it a success.  If it hits, we’ll invest more.”

So it’s now on the customer to make your product a success, to adopt it, to share it, to spread the word, to start the movement to make it better, to lead the charge.

If you can get these customers, if you have these customers, hold them close and don’t ever let them go because they believe in your more than you believe in yourself.

If you don’t have these customers, stopping dipping your toe in the water to see if a whale will bite, jump in and make it happen.

Your customers are waiting for you to believe in yourself as much as they believe in you.

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