There will always be overlap between my HAVES/NEEDS but the goal is to reduce this circle and make it as small as possible.

When the HAVE/NEED overlap is too large, this means that we are being governed by external factors (urgency requests) over what actually needs to be done (importance).

When this happens we become frustrated because what we see as needing to be done (i.e., to grow the company, lay the foundation, help others, grow ourselves, etc) does not happen and instead we resign ourselves to putting out fires on a daily, weekly, monthly basis where it never ends.

We all know that person who is constantly putting out fires – that’s because their HAVES/NEEDS are way out of balance and they are constantly reacting to change instead of trying to mitigate it (and maybe because they don’t have time).

This is a very tough spot to be in, because our emotions at what we feel satisfaction from accomplishing are not coming to fruition.

In short, keep the overlap between your HAVES/NEEDS as small as possible and don’t let them govern you.


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