Of all of the overlaps, HAVE/WANT is by far the most awkward.

The resignation of HAVING to do something to get what you WANT, i.e., I want to be rich, I want to get this promotion, I want to win this customer deal.  These are all great wants in your life, but the HAVE is the shortcut to get there.

What are you going to HAVE to do to get what you WANT?  The HAVES are being driven by someone else here, the external factors, the work you are being told you HAVE to do to get what you WANT.

HAVE/WANT are not the work to be put in that NEED/WANT is.

HAVE/WANT is the shortcut to getting you what someone else wants.  Sure you might get to the same place as satisfying your want, but will you feel the same level of satisfaction as when you went through NEED/WANT where you are willing to put the time and effort into making something happen.  You put in the effort, you put in the grind, you got there, you did it.

As you can image, HAVE/WANT – keep it small – don’t be driven by someone else’s wants and desires.


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