If the circle between NEED/WANT is quite large, this means what we NEED to do is being pushed by our passion for where we WANT to be.

Do I want to be an artist?  Okay, I NEED to go learn how to draw fruit, people, etc?

Do I want to draw comic books?  I NEED to understand the medium and space in between the panels.

Do I want to be a great software developer?  I need to up my game and not only read some new blogs but I NEED to practice.

I NEED To do something to achieve my WANT.  This is the realization that its… just… not… going… to… happen… if you don’t do something.

Having a large overlap between NEEDS and WANTS is a good thing because your passion is fueling your actions and your passion is where your desire for growth and development originate from.

One is supporting the other.

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