Every year, we wait for the mythical months of summer to come around so we can finally have our vacation.


The weather might be better (and the only one who can really say whether it is, is you) but you can take a vacation at any time.

Turning off your phone – that’s a vacation.

Taking a drive to the middle of nowhere and eating your lunch in solitude – that’s a vacation.

Flying somewhere for the weekend where the weather meets your lofty standards – that’s a vacation.

But better than any vacation, is an Adventure (and we all know it).

Those great stories about how we persevered when the car broke down when the plane was delayed when we were stuck in the hotel for another day where we met someone from our hometown that we never knew when the kids were driving you up the wall so you bought them a bucket of ice cream.

Those are the stories we talk about, those are the memories we want.

I gave up on vacations a few years ago and have thrown myself into taking adventures.  I don’t know always plan them (often times I don’t), they aren’t extreme (because you know), but I no longer go into them thinking I HAVE TO COME OUT REFRESHED.  Instead, I go into them, hoping to come out with having learned something new.

Give up on the vacation, you’ll never be refreshed enough to your satisfaction, but you can learn something new on your next adventure.


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