The #1 problem with Code Reviews isn’t whether the standard is followed, what syntax is used or when you start doing them with your team.

Whatever you pick (and when) will work – it will.

The problem is the follow through.

We start with lofty expectations of all that we’ll accomplish, we turn on all the switches and for a time things start to go well – code starts to get reviewed – questions are answered.

But over time, they lose their lustre

That last minute fix that has to go through by Senior So and So has to get through or *gulp* we’ll lose the customer.

Those comments coming back at you?  Same old, nothing has changed, click next and move on.

Whereas before you were learning how to get better, now you’re learning how to game the engine (the people) so you can get a pass and move on.

Code Reviews succeed when there is a commitment to continually update them and ensure that people are getting out of them what they put in and everyone is following through to stay on course.

It’s like golf, if you don’t follow through, you’re only going to get halfway there and then have to swing again.

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