I still look at emails I want to unsubscribe from and go – “but if I unsubscribe, they’ll know I’m a real person, that I exist, maybe they won’t take me off their list”.

And when I do unsubscribe, I immediately get the email back that says – “It might take a week to remove you from our list”.  When I picture this, I think of my subscription being sent to headquarters in an envelope labeled “Unsubscribed” that has a stamp on it.  Someone must now open it with a letter cutter and then carefully pour over my request for inaccuracies to see if I can be unsubscribed.

And then finally they let me go, they approve my request and I am unsubscribed (which of course requires another letter to be sent back to where I initially unsubscribed from).

It’s funny because it doesn’t take that long, it’s only because we’ve dragged it out and we’re lazy.

Now imagine what your customers are thinking.

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