I recently had the motivation for a particular project and plan that I was on change – drastically.

Where once the end result was clear and lit, now it is dark and unknowing (I’m thinking a spooky fall evening, with fog on the path type of unknowing).

The direction of this project changed 3 months ago but I still find myself struggling with what to do next and whether I was still to be invested for the right reasons or not.

It’s been harder than I thought and I still don’t know where it will go next.

I’d like to jump in with all the familiar tropes of – “have a can do attitude”, “never say never”, “we got this” but they ring very hollow.

So for now, we’ll try to find a different source of motivation that doesn’t rely on others and see where it takes us – maybe the project will come to fruition and maybe it won’t – but it’s all about the journey right (as I keep telling myself).

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