Change is great.

Change is amazing.

But what about when you’re not the instigator of the change or you don’t see it coming?

Depending on the scenario and context you might be able to pivot extremely well, in other scenarios you may not – you may be thrown for a loop and sit there looking at your screen wondering why you?

Why did this have to affect me?

I didn’t ask for this happen?

This is outside of my control.

You didn’t pick the change but it happened.

So now you can either rail against everything that is happening or move forward – whether that direction is somewhere else, whether it’s trying to work with the change, whether it’s trying to figure it out?

Whatever it is, accept the change (you can’t stop it right, it’s not going to go – “HOLD ON, WE NEED TO STOP”), it’s going to happen so the big question that everyone is waiting for…


What are you going to do next (because your team is watching and needs you to show them).


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