I was speaking on a panel a few ago about Social Media in the Contact Centres and whilst preparing I realized the gravity of the situation as Social Media is encroaching on voice call volume in the Contact Centre.

If you don’t know the difference between a Social Media Interaction and a Customer Call in a Contact Centre, here it is.

Voice: Customer calls in, works with an agent to resolve their issue, maybe it goes well, maybe it goes sideways, but only the customer and the agent know.

Social Media: Customer posts an inquiry, every other customer who has that issue watches and waits for the response.  When it comes, they join in on the conversation.

The tribe has formed, the relationship is no longer between customer and agent, it’s now between this mini-tribe that has come together over a singular issue.  And they are all watching.  That agent is no longer servicing one customer, they are serving many.

So on an issue that matters to so many of your customers do you really want the first response to be from an automated bot?

You can’t automate it all, not when the risk is much higher to your tribe.

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