Two instances today of upgrades that went sideways as of late.

While running a critical program my desktop upgraded.  I had to dig into the settings to force it to notify me (the audacity) when it can decide to reboot.

And restart my program again, losing 8 hours of work.

This process could have been tweaked with a simple pop-up – “Hey, it looks like you’re doing some work, want us to wait?”.

I have other ideas, but that’s the simplest (and they know work is going on, they built the programs).

The second was a request to upgrade a server.  I asked for 3 days in advance to be told when the upgrade would happen.


Then it happened via a big shiny happy new email that we’d been upgraded and now nothing worked.

(It’s not easy to figure out what the response was here).

Both bad paths, both easily avoided with minimal effort, both destined to go on out of pure laziness.

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