It’s great to watch your team grow and develop.

Skills they didn’t know before, they are now handling with ease.

Projects and work that you thought was impossible for them to take on they are now doing with ease.

The goals you have set for them they knock down without even trying.

Now it’s time to transition into something different.

Read: Not give them more of the same thing or an incremental growth but to give them something that levels up their skill set for growth.

Some will shy away because this represents too much change when they were just starting to get comfortable, others will welcome it.

This is great but just because one of them is shying away does not mean you should go easy on them or treat them differently. You’re trying to level up the team, not your “superstars”.

Take a moment, figure out what it is and know that if you wait too long or don’t do anything about it because “it’s too hard” – someone else will.

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