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The Kick-Off


There are always two competing agendas occurring at a Project Kick-Off.

The Customer

I want it yesterday, here is everyone you need to meet, start delivering.

You (the Developer)

I’d like to tell you how we’re going to delivering your project.

From the onset, they are in disagreement because one is driven by immediacy and the other by a pragmatic approach.

The developer wants to make sure they do it right for the customer the first time, the customer wants it done now because the problem has become so severe they cannot wait any longer.

But there is always time, the customer has it, they simply don’t know it.

So the Developer’s (your) first job is to do structure a kickoff that addresses the customers concern for immediacy with your concern for pragmatism.

The best way to do this can be to show your work to the customer at the kick-off.

You: Here is what we have done.

Customer: Wow, we never thought of that approach before.

You: Let’s figure out how to get there.

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Rambli Just my thoughts…

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