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Are you waiting for It to happen?


What is It that you are waiting for?

Is It the right moment?

The right idea?

The right motivation?

The right path?

If you don’t know what It is than what are you even waiting for?



Instead of waiting for It to happen, why not try these other approaches;

  1. What is It?  Define it.
  2. When is It?  If you know what you’re waiting for then how long are you willing to wait?
  3. Why is It? Why are you waiting instead of doing something about it now?

These aren’t Rocket Science, but so often when you talk to people, we’re still all waiting for It to happen.

If you don’t know what IT is, then it’s time to either find something worth waiting for or it’s time to start getting on with what you were waiting to happen.

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Greg Thomas

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Rambli Just my thoughts…

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