Software is now built around updates. No one ships a product without knowing how they will process updates to your device or desktop.

When windows first started patching online, it drove everyone nuts, there were bugs to work out and they were sometimes painful.

Now, updates are a fact of life.

I buy a new video game the day it comes out and I install it two hours before I want to play it so it can download the latest updates.

These aren’t bug fixes (well maybe some), these are features that had time to be completed while the media was still enroute to your store.

How is that for a delivery model?

“It’s done, but when it gets to your house, we’ll make sure it’s really, really, really done.”

The problem now is – you can’t opt out of them, you have to take them – because your experience is not complete without them so what do you do?

Go play a game for the next few hours that works, without updates, because it was delivered, when it was ready, when it was tested, when it worked.

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