A fit gap analysis is a tool used to determine proper fit (i.e., is this a good idea) versus the gaps that exist (i.e., what will we have to do to meet our end goal).

Two questions that should come out of every Fit Gap?

One – Are we comparing for the correct fit? I.e., is that we are agreeing “fits” really what we want to fit? Just because a particular product can “do” something does that mean it does that thing the way we want to do?

If the answer is no – the response is no fit and now we have a gap.

Two – What does this gap look like? How bad is it? Are we willing to undertake all the work that will go into addressing that Gap? Is it a Gap worth filling? Is it 20% of the product when we really only want to focus on 80%?

I would rather have FitGap Analysis changed to Fit-Can-Gap

Is there a Fit?

What is the Gap?

Do we want to address the Gap? I.e., Can we do it?

A Fit-Can-Gap addresses the elephant in the room – “Are you willing to take on the work to address the Gaps?” – the question most often overlooked in FitGap Analysis.

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