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What Makes for a Good Day?


When someone asks you how was your day, you immediately run the fastest recursive algorithm in the history of brain power to pick out all the bright spots from your day. 

You rank them all and then come back with an answer of something akin to “okay”, “meh”, “decent”, “workable”, etc, etc.

Maybe in comparison to the once a year thing that your friends were doing or the illogical comparison’s to someone InstaStory that’s how your day was.

But was it?

Maybe the real problem is not the comparison but that you didn’t set yourself up to have a great day (*gasp* ownership of the problem) or your success criteria is completely off-base (oh no, an incorrect analysis).

A better answer is to start off saying your day was “Great”, always, and then start listing all the reasons why it was great, ignoring all the unintended comparisons that can enter your mind.

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Rambli Just my thoughts…

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