New Team?

New Project?

New Idea?

If you want to get things started on the right foot and moving in the direction you need them to here is what you need for that initial Kick-Off Meeting.

  1. What’s the project about?
  2. What’s your current plan?
  3. What’s the current state of everything?  Technology, Requirements, Customers?
  4. What are the big risks you see to date?
  5. Where do you want the team to focus on now?
  6. What’s next?

If you don’t have that information at hand, don’t hold the meeting, you’re not ready, the project isn’t ready, it’s not worth it.

In walking through all those items with your team stay away from phrases like – “I hope this will be done”, “I don’t know who will be doing this”, “I’ll leave it to this person to figure it out”, “We’ll ask that question when we get there”.

If you don’t have better answers than the above, wait, or start on what you know – no one wants a Kick-Off for the next big thing based on “hopes and I don’t knows”.

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