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Go Winter Camping


At least once in your life.

Prepare for it with warm clothing, get a tent, figure out what you’re going to eat (I recommend maximum prep and limited cook time – simple is good), bring a friend (and plenty of fire wood along for the ride).

Don’t check the weather in advance.

It will be cold.

It might be wet.

It will be cold.

Possibly very windy.

And a sled, make sure you have a sled to drag things around in.

You’ll most likely wake-up to a frozen-from-within tent and ice on your sleeping bag.

This is good – that means you’re doing it right.

Do this at least once in your life so you can appreciate everything that keeps you warm day and night.

And then go apply this to your work – kick yourself out of your comfort zone, focus on a completely different set of tasks, force yourself to learn a number of new tricks to grow – and keep doing it.

(It’s not as bad as it sounds and makes for a lot of memories)

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Rambli Just my thoughts…

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