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I Don’t have an Answer, I have a Plan


How many times have you wanted to have the quick, immediate answer to a question in your head?

The quick snappy comeback that people walk away thinking – “okay, I see how this is”.

We don’t always have it, we can’t always have it.

But if you don’t have it, you could shoot back with one that will make people pause and waiting to hear more.

“I have a plan”

Now people are listening, now they want to hear more, now they want to know what you are talking about.

Now they are ready to wait.

Not everyone is quick on their feet, some of the smartest people I know never have witty comebacks, but they have a plan and when they show up with the plan, the room goes silent and everyone waits for them to speak.

Because they know the plan is going to be worth it.

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Rambli Just my thoughts…

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