If you are looking to go to the cloud.

I mean really go to the cloud, not simply hosting a bunch of VMs in the cloud.

Make a small change today to get there.

Start deploying test services in the cloud.

Don’t deploy anything that requires a local database.

Don’t create local virtual machines to work on projects.

Start using GIT or TFS Online (or both).

Transition from local development, to 100% online.

And if you’re not looking to go the cloud, take your big thing that you want to change in yourself.

Training yourself to run a marathon.

Building a bunk bed.

Cooking that four course meal.

And start with the smallest step you can take to get there and take it, commit to it and don’t look back on it. And once you’ve mastered it, take the next step. If you’re in a time crunch, in a box, break out those little steps across the box and lay it out.

But keep the wins small, ensure they build on each other and start today – you have plenty of time.

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