My best, most productive lunch meetings have been simple affairs.

Get a shawarma, find a spot, eat.

Go to the place we always go to, order the same thing we always order, discuss.

It’s the routine of it that makes the lunch meeting successful.

It’s elimination of spending 20 minutes to decide what you want and before that umpteen text messages of where you are going to meet.

The meeting starts with zero indecisiveness and gets right down to the discuss at hand.

The fancier the place has yet to ever impress, all it shows is that you are willing to throw money at a problem you don’t yet understand.

If you want to find the real measure of what problem your client is trying to solve – ask them where they want to eat, keep it simple, go there – remove their distractions so they are 100% focused on the task at hand and not what the special is.

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