Everyone wants to work in the Fringes, you’re the best marketer, the best developer, the best writer – working that niche, creating the trends that no one thought existed, making it all come together.

That’s what everyone wants.

But the majority are all in the middle, swinging from one side to the other trying to find that niche, trying to find that sweet spot, trying to find the Fringe where we can stand out and be different.

But you simply don’t swing to the Fringe one day, you inch towards it, you work towards, you show up and you put in the work.

But you start with the destination, where do you want to go and build the route to get there from that.

If you’re not planning it out, not finding the path to get you there, not laying it out – you still might get to the Fringe – but not the one you were hoping for.

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