I read this awhile ago on someone’s twitter account and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. The person changed his handle to be something else (i.e., not his name) and his response to a question was – “I’m Branding myself to be this”.

That used to be called “changing your attitude”, “getting a new perspective”, “redirecting your focus”, “finding a new path” but now it’s called “re-branding yourself”.

Which is 100% Ad speak for – how can I make money off a slick name and showcasing myself to the world as something I’m always not while developing a Persona that I’m always not.

You don’t need to Brand yourself to be successful and have an alter Persona. You don’t need to have that online voice, we only want to hear your voice and if only 500 people want to hear your voice, don’t change so you can reach another 1000 who dig your new brand while losing the original 500 who no longer know who you are.

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