Changing what a team is working on is easy.

Changing what a team is feeling, where they have come from, getting them to unlearn bad habits, rebuilding them, exposing them to new opportunities is not.

That’s the tide that you’re up against when you are tasked with implementing change across your team.

That’s the work that needs to be done to implement real change.

What they are working on, the projects and/or products are meaningless to change. They are effects that will be yielded based on how the changes in the Tide are implemented.

This is key because many times, when change is proposed to a leader, the history of the team, what they have been through, where they have come from, is not included in the discussion as to how long it will take to implement that change, it is an after thought to be thrown away on the way to introducing change.

Knowing your team’s history, is critical to engaging and getting them to be on board with whatever change you want to make.

It’s the difference between being a Manager and a Leader.

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