I had to go return something that I purchased from a store that I didn’t have the receipt for, which had been opened.

It was from a very large department store, with stores everywhere around the world.

It didn’t go well.

The point where the discussion went off the rails was when the person I was working with went to get their manager and this was the final dialogue.

Manager: So what are we doing here?

Me: Oh, I’m waiting for the person I was working with to come back?

Manager: Oh, he’s not coming back, you can talk to me?

Me: Okay, we were figuring out what to do?

Manager: Can’t take back this, can’t take back that.

Me: Okay, but I bought them at your store 15 minutes from here?

Manager: Oh then you should go there and return it and not here?

Me: But what’s the difference.

Manager: You might have better luck.

I don’t quite understand what this phrase means “You might have better luck”, but I do know is that this person pushed the problem to somewhere else not wanting to help, not wanting to save the trip and make the call.

Two things were wrong with this encounter;

  1. The person who wanted to help the customer was extricated from the interaction to shut it down.
  2. The problem was being thrown over to another store, another team, and another group of people to deal with.

When I think of the phrase “You Might Have Better Luck” I am taking this now to mean – “You might have better luck shopping at a different store”.

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