There are lots of tools and resources for you to get started on the next project you’re working on for next to nothing.

  1. 750 Words – to get better at writing every day.
  2. Wordprhttps://Wordpress ess – to post your writing to
  3. One Drawing a Day – to encourage you to draw every day
  4. 7 Minute Fitness – to workout every day
  5. Dropbox – to store all your work to
  6. Zoom – to conference with any client, any day
  7. Google Docs – to write in docs and spreadsheets
  8. CodeAcademy – to learn JavaScript

Not much in the way of excuses, when the combined total per month is $5.

Is $60 a year really stopping you from the change you want to make?

Want more? Check out my book Code Your Way Up – available as an eBook or Paperback on Amazon (CAN and US).  I’m also the co-host of the Remotely Prepared podcast.


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