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So you’re Losing your Job


It’s not the greatest thing to probably happen to you.

In the short-term it is going to feel like an act of betrayal perpetrated by everyone around you as you diligently put all your time into making them and their projects a success.

This is the new economic landscape that we are living in where one day things were going great and tomorrow they are not.

There is no happy answer to be given to make you feel better, the only actions that come next that matter are from you.

Are you going to rail against an unfair, unjust system that has never valued you for who you really are?

Or are you going to take the necessary steps to show everyone who you really are and let your actions speak for themselves?

Two paths: One focused on you waiting for change from others, the other focused on you making the change that others need to see.

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Greg Thomas

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Rambli Just my thoughts…

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