Wouldn’t it be great if you had a Play By Play announcer following you around every day, tracking your movements, annotating everything you did?

Would you change what you’re doing?

Would you be a little more daring to liven things up?

Would you push yourself a little harder when things aren’t going your way?

Would you tell them to be quiet so you could focus and get your work done?

Would you see them as a critic and work to overcome?

I imagine sports figures listen to the play-by-play after a game they either played well or badly to see what was being said slightly before, during or after they did something so they can tune their strategy to be better next time.

At the same time, I imagine that when they have had games that they played really well, they are laughing along with them as the commentary runs on.

We all have our own play by play running in our heads on a daily basis, but maybe we need to focus on the latter more than the former when it comes to critiquing ourselves.

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