We’re always on the go, always moving to the next thing, always trying to cram in the next big Instagrammable moment.

And then onto the next thing.

That whole “stopping to smell the roses” thing isn’t happening as much as our photos show they are.

Do we even know what rest is anymore?

Is it lying down?

Does that rejuvenate you?

Or is working out your rest?

Going for a walk?

Staring up at the sky?

I don’t think resting is sleep (because that’s sleep), but I also don’t think we all know how to rest for whatever works for us.

So if resting isn’t sleeping and we are all different in how we approach rest perhaps the first step you need to take before “resting” is figuring out what you can do that will rejuvenate your body and mind and energize you for whatever comes next.

Now you should be able to get more rest.

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