Like most people, I was glued to my tv watching the final season of Game of Thrones.

This isn’t a long-winded commentary on what did and did not work, who should have been king, lived or died.

This is about context.

If you only watched the first six seasons you would say it was a brilliant run – slow-burning, character-driven, dripping with tension at every moment.

If you only started watching the last two season you would say it was a brilliant run – fast-paced, quick narrative, impressive action sequences, go, go, go.

The key to both is the context, we started with one and ended with the other – the context changed and that is what is driving so many of us crazy – it changed and we weren’t told, we weren’t given time to adjust, we weren’t warned about how this would happen.

Now you know how your customers feel when you implement a new piece of software that runs contrary to your last release, or a new policy that violates what was done last month or change the rules for different team members.

Context is key to delivery, without it, we are simply putting new ideas on a table hoping for others to draw the connections between them.

But that’s not their job, it’s ours.

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